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ARK FISHING is a new online venture and we look forward to providing excellent customer service to all our clients by supplying products on time every time.

The products that have been chosen have been personally tried and tested by myself in New Zealand waters where the fishing is out of this world.

As you will see by the picture on the website I never considered catching a trophy Kingfish of the size and magnitude that I am holding and this was achieved by using a light chemical composite rod.

This is the reason why I am aiming to introduce these new age products not just in Australian waters but also worldwide. Take advantage of the capability of the products and you will have a great day out with your friends and family.

Gone are the days of using big heavy gear to catch that fish of a lifetime.  My aim is to provide Light rods that won’t break your back and bank account and still catch you that trophy fish you have been looking for in the deep blue.

As we grow you will see more new products being offered which I will personally test before I offer it to any of my customers.  This will prove that the gear I have personally tested can handle the fish you are trying to catch.

Ark Fishing’s aim is to provide customers the best quality product for the best price possible.

So let’s go fishing and never say the phrase THE BIG ONE THAT GOT AWAY because THEY WON’T.

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